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For those who are looking to find a pair of ‘high end’ sunglasses I’d happily recommend the Dior So Real design.  They’re the type of design that easily suits most face shapes and the good thing about this specific design that I am wearing is that they’re also unisex.

What I love most about these shades is the simplicity of them. The black and silver will go with almost any outfit yet they’re designed to subtly stand out. This is a classic colourway for sunglasses, however they’re given a cooler edge due to the silver studs and the fact that there is no bridge between the lenses. This keeps them really on-trend at the same time as maintaining a timeless design.

The frame has minimal branding, with a simple ‘CD’ on both sides, which is always something I prefer when purchasing high end shades as sometimes large branding can take away from the glasses themselves.

I paired the sunglasses with a casual street style combined with shades of grey and black. A modern bomber jacket, plain skinny jeans and plain black tee to complete my look.

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