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Seasons change and so does our hairstyle, on this occasion, I wanted to share my upcoming party look for Christmas with you all. Hope you enjoy my 4-step tutorial :)

Step 1

As my hair is slightly curly, I start by brushing it for a slicker look, before I use the hairdryer. Regardless, I recommend brushing your hair properly before drying it.

Step 2

Personally, I like volume, and to achieve that I blow dry my hair in the opposite direction of the way I’m going to style it.

Step 3 

After the blow dry is finished, the next step is to apply the product of your choice. For me, it is TONI&GUY Men Mattifying Putty rough & dishevelled. A little trick before you apply it to your hair is to take some of the product on the tip of your finger and smudge it on your whole palm. Subsequently, you rub your hands together and slowly apply it all throughout your hair.

Step 4

Once you have achieved the shape you wanted, you gently brush through and make sure no hair is sticking out. Once this is done you are ready for that party, enjoy!

Hope this was helpful!

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