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This year for LFW men, I chose to focus on my outfits during the week rather than the fashion events.

LFW men finished about a week ago, so I thought I would share my top 3 outfits from the events with you. I have listed each item for you to see where it can be purchased.

Keep in mind, that some items I am wearing are sold out. Even so I have added the page where it is sold from and I have tried my best to find similar alternatives as well. All you need to do is that click on the items below the images and it will direct you to the item.

Another thing I would like to Highlight is the wonderful Bloomsbury Street Hotel that hosted me during the LFW men. The quality and service of the hotel was absolutely amazing and so I would highly recommend you to stay there.

(Unfortunately I do not have more images to provide regarding the hotel as my computer got stolen a few days after with the rest of the images.

Please comment, which one of these is your favorite look!

Looking forward to hear from you all!

outfit 01

outfit 02

outfit 03

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